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Josh has been drawing internet comics for approximately one million trillion years. He's been more influential on webcomics than people care to admit. Among his works include the super-random, 2000s-as-fuck webcomic Wendy, its edgy spinoff Cutewendy... and Girly, the bafflingly complex and epic sequel to Cutewendy.

He is also the creator of a website called Slipshine, a website whose initial aim was to publish adult comics from artists with their consent, along with a fair commission... which was a pretty radical concept back in 2001. Quickly, the advocation of sex-positive stories was added to its list of goals, as well as featuring stories about sexuality from the perspective of folks other than just big, dumb males. It has since employed the talents of wonderful creators such as Lin Visel, riptide, Amanda Lafrenais, WoC, and tamyra... and the experience has taught him so danged much. Alas, as he continues to possess the persistent drive to pursue his own creative endeavors, he passed his ownership of the site on to the folks at Hiveworks after nearly 15 years of running it. He is hoping to devote the duration of his days producing pleasing projects created from the culmination of all he has learned from the fine folks he has worked with. You Suck is but one of these creations.

Josh has lived in Texas for most of his life, but currently lives in Minneapolis, sharing a townhouse floor with fellow webtoonist Diana Nock, a swell dude with a beard, and the two cutest cats ever. He is an advocate for sex-positivity, feminism, socialism, and mental health awareness.

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