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Makin' a living from adult comics ain't as easy as one would think...
Alas, it is true, folks. The whole "sex sells" myth is a myth. Smut is not a guaranteed printing press for money. Even in the year of our lord 2016 or so, the western stigma against sexuality prevails. Even sex-positive comics like You Suck get approached apprehensively, and unlike other Hiveworks comics, advertisers won't touch us. This is why, more than ever, we need you, the readers, to help keep us afloat.

Drawing a comic like You Suck takes a lot of work. And as we mentioned, we dont really make ad money off it, and y'all may be surprised how significant a revenue source that is these days. Sure, we can get income from books and merch and other such extras, but it only helps so much, especially since it stacks more work on top the work we have. To keep the comic going, You Suck's artists need to make significant revenue solely from the comic itself, and right now, Patreon is our only way to do this.

It's ridiculously easy, too... Head to the Patreon page, click "become a patron", and enter whatever amount you want. That will be your monthly contribution to help keep the comic goin'... It can be low as a buck! Although subscribing for at least $5 will get you FUN CLUB BENEFITS. This includes progress shots and status updates of Josh's various projects (shown right of the logo), various bits of exclusive bonus art (lower left), and HUUUUGE versions of the You Suck comics (upper left... click it for a fullscreen view!). Finally, you'll get access to Josh's PDF Library, containing full-res digital collections of his various goofy works throughout the years...

If that sounds good to you, please visit the Patreon, and do what you can!

The Volume 1 cover featuring a closeup of Anna was influeced directly from Kat Jennings's speech from The Brave Ones
Collects the first 4 chapters and the first 3 IAP stories in a rather huge 11"x11" volume.
It's the first comic collection of Josh's to be printed in full-color, and it looks pretty great. Exclusively for this collection, the first 20 comics were retouched, and a 4-page bonus comic was included as a Kickstarter reward.
Best of all... it's only $15! Or $7.50 for the digital edition. Try finding other adult books for a price like that!

Volume 1 is available now!
in print at
digital edition at Comixology

Art of the first panel - the Volume 1 version below compared to the web version above

Finally... there's Slipshine.

Slipshine was created in 2001 by Josh, during a time when there were around 10 thousand porn art sites on the internet, none of which acquired permission from the artists to use their material. It was pretty gross, and he figured it was about time to start an adult comic site that would publish only original material, and pay its artists fairly. Slipshine was the first to do this.

And it continues... growing bigger and better every year, publishing the works of dozens of talented sex-positive comic artists. But seein' how this is the You Suck website, we'll focus on the ones by Josh & Maya.

Indeed Slipshine is the home of You Suck's IAP side-stories, where you can take a peek at some spicy detours from the main story of the comic (there are previews on the Extras page!), but as we intend to continue contributing regularly to the site throughout the coming year, we got other fun projects up our sleeve...

...some fun vignettes featuring Josh's long-runnin' OC Wendy!

Polly the Hunter kicks demon butt and rescues cute bois in the style of 80s arcade platformers!

Doctor Voluptua! She'll be back in session very soon!

Experience all that and more by subscribing to Slipshine now!