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Austin... the Live Music Capital.... the original college town (probably)... and also the city that comes to mind for people who would like to visit Texas without running into all the cowboys and rodeos. You'll see plenty of Longhorns, though. It is the home of Mike Judge, Sandra Bullock, the popular 90's band Fastball, and a gal named Anna.

Anna is your typical 25-year old, somewhat belatedly trying to earn some community college credits in these trying times. She's got the same hobbies you all probably have, such as listening to music, watching anime, and staying home all day browsing the internet... and she's kind of a pervert. Well, kind of REALLY a pervert. And now recently, she has acquired a boyfriend whom she hopes to share various interesting ideas with. But it turns out he isn't entirely on board... and so it goes. Anna's got a normal relationship to go with her regular hobbies while living her typical life as a 25-year old.

We suppose our frequent use of "typical" and its synonyms makes it obvious what we're getting at...

Anna's movie date does not go quite as she plans. This goes doubly so when a succubus makes her appearance.
No, Austin is not known for having these.
The succubus ruins the evening, in a manner of speaking, but she feels bad about it. So... she decides to help Anna out, with something.
And so, a strange friendship is formed. Anna decides to offer the succubus, who is now known affectionately as "Izzy", some help of her own. But it proves to be a bit tricky. She speaks no earthly language, and has the tendency to go with what works for her.
This leads to Anna ending up on top of the tallest building in Austin, which she discovers is Izzy's current home. And it turns out Izzy has another present for her! What has her life turned into?
Anna really feels like Izzy has done a lot for her, and she's determined to help the poor lost succubus with her new situation. But how will they communicate?
And that brings us to now!
You Suck is a day-by-day, slice-of-life story, with a bit of freaky sex thrown into the mix. It was created in 2012 by Josh Lesnick in attempt to make something fairly simple after his previous comic Girly would up with about 15 side-characters, 10 converging storylines, and at least three genre-shifts. Don't get us wrong... it was a fun comic, but it's time for something more leisurely, and relaxing. So please enjoy our leisurely, relaxing, sex-positive story about friendship in strange circumstances.
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