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Age: 25
Hometown: Houston
Current residence: Austin
Occupation: Community College Student
Likes: blogging, cartoons, classic rock, fantasizing, elves
Dislikes: yuppies, grackles, most primetime television, prudes, whiny dudes
Age: ???
Hometown: ?!?!?
Current residence: Austin
Occupation: Unemployed
Likes: cute animals, chunky guys, singing, and Anna
Dislikes: meat, shoes

Anna resides in a reasonably-priced apartment in North Austin, accompanied by a mean little cat and, occasionally, an unworldy demon gal. She attends Austin Community College, earning credits for basic things while hoping to get into the University of Texas, to maybe pursue a psychology degree or something. This is her only real obligation at the moment, and as she hasn't been super great at making friends since coming to Austin, she is content spending her time in class mostly on the internet.

She does have her hobbies, though, the primary one being fantasizing, of which she considers herself an expert. Throughout her adult life, she has developed a habit of crushing on almost every attractive person she comes across, fictional and non-fictional, and has had quite the hot fuck with around eighty thousand people... in her head.

That's how it was, of course. With Izzy in her life now, fantasies seem to turning into reality quite rapidly. It's almost overwhelming, but she is enjoying the ride thus far.

She has had only a few serious relationships with dudes, and none of them have ended very well, so she's on a break from that sort of thing at the moment. And while she does prefer dudes overall, she's had occasional crushes that have led her to ponder her bicuriosity... the latest one living right next door to her.

Though it could be trying at times, she has really enjoyed her friendship with Izzy, and has developed a purpose to help her get accustomed to the new life she somehow flew into.

Her true name would be spelled "Zbzlkz" in English and pronounced sort of like "Zz-bzilkzz", but she seems okay with the Westernized name Anna gave her, being "Izobel"... or "Izzy" for short. She appeared in town one day without explanation. No one knows where she came from and how she got here, and she doesn't seem to remember herself, so needless to say, she is one confused girl.

Izzy is a succubus, with functional, retractable wings and an odd amount of strength for a girl of her mass. Her diet consists of fruits, vegetables, and fucking. Being a succubus, she does need sex to keep going, seemingly from at least one person a day. As such, she is quite an experienced seductress and lover, despite how her outward appearance would lead some to think. When not in "succubus mode", as it were, she's a very sunny and sprightly gal... and also immensely naïve. Oddly enough, her sexual prowess is somewhat of a mystery, as the only outside source to witness her during the act was Anna, who interrupted her before she really saw much.

Indeed, this was how the two gals met, and the object of Izzy's intimacy was none-other than Anna's then-boyfriend. As a result, Izzy decided to do right by Anna, using her demon intuition to read her fantasies and help them come true. As things went on, she developed developed a deep fondness for Anna, following and accompanying her whenever she can. Her impetuous nature and completely alien language could make things difficult at times, but Anna does what she can to show her the ropes.

Why she's here and whether she'll return home again is anyone's guess. For now, she'll make the most of things!

also with

Anna's ridiculously sexy pot-dealing neighbor and major crush.

A new friend of Anna's, met when Izzy started "dating" her good friend.

Babs's aforementioned good friend, and apparently Izzy's favorite dude at the moment.

Anna's mean but adorable cat, who showed up on her patio one day.
also also with

Anna's Ex
Anna's old beau and Izzy's first conquest. His name never came up.

Professor Leatherby
Anna's Sociology teacher, whom she has a major sploosh for.

A old friend of the Professor's.

Campus Cop
The husband of Campus Doctor.

Campus Doctor
The wife of Campus Cop.

Buffalo Exchange Gal
She'll take your clothes from you.